We also are stocked with fresh produce including: pears, butternut squash, gourds and pumpkins for baking and potatoes of all types. We provide the best quality locally grown produce.
We are producing our own fresh apple cider! Come check out the barn market , where we always have it in stock!
Gardners Fresh Fruit Frozen Pies. These are premier pies used in only the finest establishments. Just pop them in your oven and bake to perfection. We have a variety of flavors.
Apple production would not exist without our flying friends the honeybees. We offer fresh honey, called "wildflower". It has been a staple in our market since we opened, and everyone enjoys it. Try some in your next cup of tea.
We have freshly baked apple cider donuts. Made from our finest apples, these donuts are sure to put a smile on your face. Feed your sweettooth at our barn market with our apple cider donuts!
These products are made for us by Dillman farms, a leader in the industry, straight from Indiana. Each of their jellies, spreads and jams are made from the finest fresh fruits available. One taste, and you'll agree.
Check Out our New Bakery Market!