Something new at HCF, Dogs are allowed to come to the farm under the following guidelines:

Hill Creek Farms recognizes that dogs are important members to owners and their family. As a result, we are now allowing dogs to come to our farm and be a part of your family outing. That said, HCF has created two designated areas for your dog. The first area will be a picnic area that gives owners a chance to sit and relax with their dog. A second area designated for the dog is next to the playground so the dogs can watch the children playing.

These two new seating areas will be outfitted with picnic tables, umbrellas and while still near the action. Also close enough to order food and bring to your table. (BTW, we will have some pet treats within the store for your dog). We only asked that dog owners honor and respect the following policies and guidelines:

  • Dogs stay within these two designated areas only
  • Dogs are to remain on short leash at all times
  • No dogs permitted in Playground area for children
  • No dogs permitted in Farm Market
  • No dogs permitted in outdoor table areas and tented areas for general public
  • No dogs in orchards areas of farm
  • Cleaning up after your dog is important

Pets will be permitted access to walking track (former horse track) that is adjacent to the two designated picnic table settings (3/4 mile track). Trash cans will be set up for dog waste and second trash cans for food waste

We hope the two designated areas also provide some enjoyment for the children as these areas surround the playgrounds for the kids to see and enjoy. We ask that the dogs are not permitted to be petted as a precautionary measure to general public

Hill Creek Farms always reserves the right to ask patrons to remove their pet if complaints are founded for unruliness or aggressive play

We sincerely hope this trial change in Pet Policy is another way Hill Creek Farms can be a fun place for the “entire” family.