2019 Hill Creek Farms School Program

If you are looking for an educational, authentic and interactive experience for your students, look no further. Hill Creek Farms has developed a program geared for all ages. We take this opportunity seriously to educate our youth on what farming means, how farmers today are more aware of their environment and the food safety concerns that affect all of us. Today’s farmers are more focused on consumers buying local, buying fresh and teaching people where your food comes from. 

At Hill Creek Farms, we will provide your children the following experiences: 

1. A video on Hill Creek Farms, our history and what it takes to grow apples. This live and animation featured video (very educational and geared toward kids) was put together by Farmer Fred along with this friends at Renaissance.
2. Walk through orchards with Farmer Fred, get overview of HCF Orchard practices and learn hands on information about: 
    • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)
    • Dwarf Trees - why are they small?
    • Weeds, insects and pest management
    • How to properly pick fruits and veggies
    • Pick 1/4 peck of apples with Farmer Fred (NOTE: prior to apple picking, we will substitute 2 tomatoes and 2 peppers for 1/4 peck apple)
3. The meaning of value added products grown
    • Apple cider production (Farmer Fred)
    • Bakery production (our chefs)
    • Farm to Fork (our chefs)
    • Know your grower (buying local and Community Supported Agriculture - CSA)
4. 1 FREE Hayride around the farm with Farmer Fred and Mario
5. Playground time is included
6. 1 FREE cider donut and cup of Apple Cider
7. 1 FREE coloring book (kids choice of 4 different farm coloring books)
8. 1 FREE Barrell train ride (kids 8 and younger)

Tours will be 60 minutes per group. Only offered on Wednesday, Thursday and before 12 noon on Fridays. Additional food packages can be added. 

Cost is $17.95 pp, plus tax. 20 person minimum. Email fred@hillcreekfarms.com