It has always been our top priority to create a safe place for our guests to come and enjoy the Hill Creek Farms experience. This season, we have made additional safety efforts for our guests & their families in light of recent events:

1. Mask are optional for UPick but will be required when entering the Farmers Market.

2. Barrel Trains will be running for children and sanitized between each and every run. Cost this year: $5.00/per ride.

3. Picnic tables will be spread throughout the farm in keeping with social distancing guidelines.

4. We will have hand wash stations and sanitizer available for guests located outside of the Farmers Market.

5. Best of all, our UPick fruit and vegetables are grown here from “our” earth. Guests can rest assured that no one else will touch your food other than you and your family!

6. Bring a blanket, chairs and a picnic basket and find a quiet spot in the orchards. Guests can relax, listen to the music and have some wine!