Take Home a Jug or Three of Fresh Made Apple Cider
Our apples are a huge hit, attracting visitors from miles around to come out to Hill Creek Farms to pick from among our 13 flavorful varieties. While the kids are having a blast at our playground, and after you’ve sampled our Hill Creek Apple Wine, why not stop into our Fresh Farm Market for a jug or three of fresh apple cider to enjoy at home? 

Our Art of Making Delicious Sweet Cider
For your delectation, Hill Creek Farms has refined the art and science of the making of sweet cider. Once a week during harvest in autumn, we send a tractor full of a balanced blend of our ripe apples just a mile or so up the road to our cider mill. There, the apples are washed, chopped, and ground into a mash resembling applesauce, which is then squeezed in our custom cider press, hundreds of apples at a time, to extract sweet golden apple juice. This juice is then filtered and heat-treated to pasteurize it, in compliance with FDA regulations, removing bacteria to yield a richly flavored brown cider ready to drink. We then bottle and seal this fresh apple cider in our gallon jugs and send it back to the farm, ready for you to pick out of the coolers. By the way, that gallon contains the filtered juice of about a third of a bushel of apples!
The secret to our sweet cider’s fantastic taste is our masterly blend of up to 13 apple varieties grown in perfect conditions in the fertile South Jersey soil, getting the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, ripening in the summer and fall sunlight.

Make Your Cider Shopping Part of a Fun Day Out
Shop for our fresh made sweet cider, fruit off the tree, baked goods including scrumptious pies that can’t be beat, and more at our orchard and farm market just south of the romantic antique-shop mecca of Mullica Hill, NJ, on State Highway 45. We look forward to serving you again and again!