Farm Market

• A true farm market in every sense of a farmers market. At HCF, it starts with farm fresh produce, mostly grown on-site from our 14,000 fruit tree orchards and our 30+ vegetables grown right here. When needed, we’ll go to our neighborhood of fellow farmers who we both trust and respect. Now with our new Customer Customized CSA program, mix and match the produce items you want under one flat pricing for either fruits or vegetables. At HCF, its farm fresh, local and under our CSA programs, the best value anywhere.
• In addition to fresh produce, we offer an on-site Bakery featuring from scratch and fresh baked goods. Enjoy a cup of coffee from our on-site Coffee Café bar, or maybe allow us to open a bottle of wine for you by Auburn Winery along with a cheese platter. Want more, have a true “farm to fork” experience at “The Loft” Choose from our fix menu or our living menus as our chefs feature the products grown on the farm in their everyday menu selections. Formal sitting, air conditioned and beautiful views.
• We have ready to eat or prepared meals for you to pick up and take home. Select from our homemade Chicken Pot pies, Sheppard pies and more, again with ingredients of the farms. Fresh soups made fresh daily as well!
• Peanut butter? Make your own. We’ll provide the peanuts, you make the peanut butter. No additives, preservatives or anything
• Later in season once the apples start picking, we make our own Apple ciders. This year we will feature both a preserved and un-preserved lines, as well as some specialty flavors like “Honey Crisp Cider”. And we have beverages of all sorts for everyone, from bottled water to sodas, ice teas and more.
• Caramel apples made on site as well!
• Country gifts, the type of gifts you would expect at a farm market. Makes the experience more fun for the entire family
• Free playground for the children to run and enjoy themselves

Fresh Produce

We grow ourselves, 14 types of apples, 2 types of Asian Pears, 3 types of plums, nectarines and a few cherries. In addition, we have over 30 types of vegetables for either our market, our chefs and even U-pick. Especially take advantage of own CC-CSA Program (Customer Customized – Community Supported Agriculture) where we allow you to fill your bags with the products you want at one flat price per lb. No membership fees, no weekly obligations, just come by with your bag and load up. We say “CSA done right”. Buying local has never had so many benefits

Jams, Jellies and Jarred Fruits

Take advantage of our wide selection of a line of HCF jams, jellies and jarred products created especially for HCF. Better yet, if you can’t make up your mind which flavor you want, mix and match 3 and get additional discount pricing. At HCF we make it easy, simple and value-pak!