Fred Sorbello is a 3rd generation farmer who began working the fields and packing houses of Hill Creek Farms when he was 8 years old. Though he inherited the family farm at age 23, nine years later he decided to break away from farming and enter the world of Food Logistics. Fred went on to own and operate one of the largest 3rd party food logistics companies in both the USA and the world, with facilities in Europe, South America, Australia, UK, and North America. His company is the largest handler of meat and fruit nationwide and is one of the largest exporters of poultry in the USA.

Despite these successes, in 2006 Fred began to reflect on his family’s legacy and felt it was time to return to the farm. Fred’s intention was to remind his grandchildren how it all started, when his grandparents first immigrated from Italy in the early 1920s, to provide his family with a better life. These days, Fred’s children operate his food logistics company while he spends his time teaching his grandchildren all about life on the farm.