Take Hill Creek Farms’ Free Duck Race Challenge
If you have energetic and easily distracted kids, believe it or not, they too can enjoy your trip out to the country at Hill Creek Farms as much as you do! Our Duck Race next to the playground presents both a workout and a challenge made fun through competition.

A Kids’ Game That Includes Flushing!
You can describe our Duck Race to your kids as a water slide in miniature that you flush! First, your children and their siblings and friends pick rubber duckies. These go on PVC pipes, like your home plumbing but halved lengthwise so you can see the ducks, as if they were on a slide. On your mark, get set, PUMP! Your youngsters work their arms by furiously operating good old-fashioned water pumps, jetting the ducks down and around the pipes. The kids quickly learn it becomes a tactic when best to pump to get the most motion out of your duck. Of course, the first duck to complete the pipe circuit, returning to the starting point, is the winner!

More than Children’s Entertainment
Our Free Duck Race and other children’s entertainment are only a few reasons you should bring your family on by to our orchard and farm market, home of several varieties of apples as well as pears, plums, nectarines, and pumpkins, locally made sweet cider and cider donuts, and pies and other fine baked goods made right on the premises; no “fresh-baked” frozen nonsense. We are on State Highway 45 just south of the antique-shoppers’ destination town of Mullica Hill, NJ.