Honey Crisp Apples & 3 Kinds of Plums

With the temperatures so warm this winter, we are expecting an early harvest on some of our best summer fruits! Why not come to Hill Creek Farms this weekend to pick from 3 types of plums (Fortune, Ruby and Italian). Our Honey Crisp and Gala Apples will be picking as well as U-Pick Vegetables. In addition to enjoying some fresh picked summer fruit and vegetables, Hill Creek Farms will giveaway one 6 pack of apple cider donuts with every Orchard pass issued. Remember, your Orchard pass ($15.00) counts for the family, and is fully redeemable toward your u-pick purchase, but for this weekend, will get you a free 6 pack of apple cider donuts.

Our plums expected to pick this weekend are simply amazing and all one price, so mix and match. Pick them right, pick them at peak flavor and color. Apples we will be expecting to pick are Gala’s $1.95lb as well as Honey Crisp $2.25lb. Come get them now before they are gone. U-pick Veggies are $1.49 lb., and we have purple and Italian eggplants, cubanelle peppers, longhotts, jalapenos, bell, banana and other peppers.

Want your own space to enjoy the farm, bring your own blanket and chairs, set up a place with family in our Orchards (no drink or food permitted)!!

Remember, we feature Auburn Wines, and the air condition space of the Loft if a great way to eat and cool off.
Eat inside at “The Loft where we make great hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches and Salads with treats from the farm as a part of your selection
Or eat outside at “The Grille at Hill Creek Farms” and enjoy the same BBQ burgers, Hotdogs, chicken and grilled vegetables?