Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get farm fresh locally grown products to your doorstep. The only shortfalls of these direct delivery programs are there could be items you’re not really interested in but included in your prepaid deliveries and/or maybe your delivery was made in the heat of the day when no is home. 

At Hill Creek Farms, we are creating what we call a “CC-CSA” program (Customer Customized-Community Supported Agriculture) with the following benefits. 

1. Same as CSA – locally grown produce, fresh from our farm or approved farm by HCF.
2. No membership fees. Just fill out our club membership program, buy your Reusable HCF bag once and come by each time with your bag to refill.
3. No weekly obligation. Just bring your HCF Reusable cloth bag when ready to buy more produce (1 program for fruit, and 1 for vegetables).
4. You pick and choose the products you want to fill your bag from our available C-CSA program (varies on seasonality of year)
5. HCF own CC-CSA pricing:
     a. Vegetables - $1.29 for 10+ lb bag
     b. Fruit - $1.79 for 10+ lb bag
     c. You must fill the bag to the minimum weight of your selected program (veggie or fruit)
     d. Produce in excess of your bag program is charged for the additional weight at your program pricing
     e. And yes, our fresh cut fruits, veggies and grilled veggies are also in this program for $2.00 more per lb (great value!)

We also offer flat pricing without being a HCF Club member at the following pricing:
     1. Vegetables at $1.99 lb (mix and match allowed)
     2. Fruit at $2.49 lb (mix and match allowed)
     3. Fresh cut and grilled veggies are $5.50 lb 
     4. Fresh cut fruits are $5.50 lb

And of course, we are a U-Pick Farm
     1. Vegetables are $1.29 lb* 
     2. Fruits are $1.95 lb* (excludes Asian Pears and Honey Crisp apples which will remain at $2.50 lb)
     *$10.00 minimum and hayride is included

Walk our produce aisles, fill your bag, weigh at register and get benefit of flat pricing for the items you wanted to bring home for the family for one great flat pricing.

It’s simple, easy and fast! And while you are there, check out our fresh on-site bakery, grab a bottle of wine, and let the kids have some fun on our playground.

Living near a friendly farmers market never had so many benefits. Come to a working farm and have some fun and get fresh produce at the lowest possible pricing anywhere.