Your Kids Can See the Farm Close Up on Our Fun Barrel Train Rides

“All abooooard!” During your fine day of food shopping, apple-picking, and/or dining at Hill Creek Farms, your little boy or girl can enjoy a unique view of our lovely apple orchard, sunflowers, and cornstalks close to the ground on our barrel train ride, a one-of-a-kind experience out in the country. 

Barrel Train Ride a Cute Photo Opportunity

Every weekend, weather permitting, we offer our fun, slow-paced barrel-train ride, for which we’ve taken standard 55-gallon plastic barrels and added some imagination, converting them into sturdy, colorful train cars on a steel bar chassis and smooth-riding wagon wheels, each comfortably seating one little person. One of our trusty drivers pulls upwards of 10 linked cars of excited youngsters on a gently ambling path around our grounds, a perfect way to acquaint your child with rural living, not to mention an adorable photo opportunity for you to share online.