Savor Our Fresh Apple Cider Donuts, A Harvest Tradition Year Round

Along with trees tinged with red and yellow leaves and crisp air with a hint of smoke, you will find few things as evocative of the goodness of a local harvest as savoring our just-baked apple cider donuts. It gets even better: we make them year round! In the years we have been growing apples and selling fine pies and other baked goods, we soon reckoned that pouring gallons of our locally pressed sweet cider into batches of our batter would add immensely to the flavor and moistness of our donuts. Thus one of South Harrison Township’s cherished traditions was born. So far, legions of customers like you have proved our hunch right. However, nothing’s perfect, of course, so the only complaint Hill Creek Farms gets about our cider donuts is people can’t stop at just one!

Baked Perfection, Every Day

No chain’s donuts can compare with ours made from scratch! We bake our sweet cider donuts on site every day to make sure you have only the best for you and your family and guests. With each bite you will find the perfect balance of apple sweetness and tartness, crispness from our deep fryer, all with a delectable dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Enjoy some delicious apple cider donuts with your breakfast this week, from our family to yours. Stop by Hill Creek Farms’ shop and orchard, on State Highway 45 just south of the romantic village of Mullica Hill, NJ.