Hill Creek Farms will be our adjusting our 2022 opening to September 1st as result of final evaluation of our fruit crops.

The good news is that we are also adjusting our Vegetables, Sunflowers and Pumpkin season accordingly. This means there will be a wider variety of fun within our shorten season. Come enjoy everything throughout the entire season we are open (Pumpkins, however, won’t start picking until mid-September).

Aside from plenty of apples, we will have U-pick Veggies (Round and Plum Tomatoes, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Purple and Italian Eggplants), Sunflowers for great photo ops with the family, Pumpkins, Squash and more!

The Market will not be a check-out market, but a true shopping market of great baked goods, farm produce, jams, jellies and much, much more. Within the market, we will also have a free sampling of wines and many of our market items for sale

Lastly, remember, this year tickets to the farm are pre-paid packages for your harvest. Buy online and save, plus get expedited check-in and no check out services!

Check out the rest of our website to learn more!

- Farmer Fred