The Farm Market
This year, Hill Creek Farms is more excited than ever about our farm market. By having our clients pre-paying for their packages will eliminate the checkout lines of all those apples. That means we get an opportunity to focus on the market for your what it was intended, and that is our Farm Market. This year the Farm Market will be under new management within Hill Creek Farms. We will be more focus on the items you expect and love about local farm markets. With Hill Creek Farms, you will see and taste the difference between of our freshly grown produce, the freshness of our on-site bakery and all those cider donuts made from scratch right in front of your eyes.
Besides our bakery, HCF will have freshly made apple cider from our own presses on display and for your purchase. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables from our farm, and things that are relevant and what you would expect to see from our Farm Market. There will be something for everyone to enjoy. We will offer everything that goes with our apples, like caramel for dipping, peanut butter for those of you like us that love apples and peanut butter, an assortment of Jams, Jellies, marshmallows, cake mixes, cobbler mixes, wines, water, soda, cold teas. How about local cheeses, meats, and crackers to take home in time for the late game!
Better yet, HCF will have a free sampling room for you to try, taste and smell the goodness before you buy many of the items. This is what our Farm Market was truly intended for from the beginning, and not for checking out apples and long lines within our Market.
Hope you are as excited as us. See you come August.