Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms
Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms
Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms
Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms
Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms
Upgrades and Improvements at Hill Creek Farms

Hello Hill Creek followers, just another update on our progresses as we worked toward our opening set for Friday September 2nd. Remember, this year, the Farm Market is open every Friday, Saturday and  Sunday in September and October to the public.

For our U-pickers, Pick 1 of 3 U-pick packages (Orchard Pass), everything will be pre-paid (including Apple Cider donuts and some Apple cider), so no check out require (yea!!). Playground will cost $10.00 per child this year, but it does include a Barrel Train ride as well for the kids!

Speaking of the Playground, we are making it even better, by adding another playground set and making Tire Mountain taller and by adding two giant tube slides (farmer style) for the kids to enjoy. Our Duck Races, Firetruck tube slide are being completely renovated and improved. Here is an idea for Moms and dads, enjoy a glass of Auburn Wine while the kids have fun too!

 Playground is at a cost of $10.00 per child, but also included is 1 Barrel Train ride (normally a $5.00 value). In addition, we have invested heavily into new playground set and upgrades to playground in general (Tire mountain, higher and with two giant tube slides). Also, we will have a Attendant each Saturday and Sunday during the busier times to ensure safe and respectful fun.
U-pick will require Vehicle pass each day for U-picking. The good news is everything is prepaid, and we will have certain food handouts at time of check in so everyone can enjoy our Orchards and have some cider and donuts.
The Market, Playground and Wine Garden is open to the public every Friday thru Sunday, no longer do you need to purchase a vehicle pass. In the Market, we will have a free-tasting room on Saturday and Sundays. This way everyone can enjoy a sample of our feature sale items and Auburn Wines (11am to 4pm)

Other work going on is:

our hay wagons are being pulled out and prepared
our goats are back for the kids to visit (with our Orchard pass)
the Bakery kitchen has been tested for fresh baked pies and cider donuts made from scratch
the free tasting room is being set up within the Market
the Wine garden will have a fresh new look.

Come see all the changes, come enjoy the outside at Hill Creek Farms.

Harvest House – Open to the public on Fridays, and ticketed guest Saturday and Sundays.

  1. Will be used for local craftsman and artist to sell to public thru The Elmer Market Group.
    1. Utilization of both inside and pea stone area of Harvest House


The Loft - Reservation only Saturday and Sundays 11am, 12:30, 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm (60 minute seating’s, 30 minute clean-ups)

        Open to the public on Fridays

  1. Apple and Peach Dessert Bar – everything related to apples and highest use of Bakery.
  2. Menu will include
    1. Drinks: Auburn Wines, Regular and decaf Coffee, Apple Cider, Soda and Water
    2. Desserts: Cobblers, Pies, Apple donut sundae, vanilla ice cream, Apple Turnovers, Apple Crisp, Apple Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cake


The Wine Garden – Reservations only Saturday and Sundays 12 noon, 2:00pm, 4pm.

                          Fridays are open to the public

  1. Menu will include:
    1. Drinks: Auburn Wines, Soda, water
    2. Food: Cheese Plate, Cheese and Charcuterie Plate, HCF Salad, Truffle Fries, Bruschetta


Vegetables to be grown this season

  1. Tomatoes – Round, Plum
  2. Peppers – Bell, cubanelle, Long hots, Banana, Jalapeno, Habanero, Cherry
  3. Eggplant – Purple and Italian


Farm Market

  1. Bake goods – HCF Donuts, Pies, Cakes and Esh Food breads, Country Sweet cupcakes + desserts,
  2. Apple Cider
  3. Soda, kids drinks, water, ice teas
  4. Produce and vegetables
  5. Jams, Jellies, peanut butters, crackers
  6. Chips and dips
  7. Cookies
  8. Cobbler and Cake mixes, pie doughs,
  9. Caramel kits, apple sticks
  10. Pre-packaged candies and nuts
  11. Wines
  12. Cheeses and cheese spreads of all sorts
  13. Packaged peperoni and salamis
  14. Picnic packages (Crackers, cheese spreads, small jellies, nuts, sunflower seeds, pre-slice peperoni, grapes, cookies