U-Pick Apples

Attention***  Special Deal from the owner Fred Sorbello:

We normally open when the Red Delicious / Gala are ready to pick, however, there will be a delay until mid or late September when the apples will be available for picking. This is due to very early warm weather that brought out the blossoms and then turned back to freezing conditions in April.

Normally we have 12 different varieties of apples at Hill Creek Farms you would have fresh to pick from Opening day through the end of November. We take pride in keeping our orchard clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately for Hill Creek Farms this season, the warm winter months of December, January, February, and March of this past year, force the apple trees to bloom pre-maturely. Had we not had the snow storm and freeze of April 9th, we may have escape the devastation of the late winter (actually spring) effects on this year’s crop. That said, our crop was affected in the following two ways.

1.Most of the flowers experience winter kill, meaning no fruit.

2.The remaining surviving flowers experienced winter injury, meaning they blossom into apples, but apples that would eventually be miss-shaped and/or scabbed.

What Hill Creek is offering their loyal clients is the opportunity to harvest many of our apples at no charge for all varieties with exception to our Cameo’s and Fuji’s (which are in relatively good shape and will be sold for $2.00 per lb. when they are ready for harvest). All other apples (Jonagolds, Galarina, Red Delicious, Mutzu’s, Stayman Winesaps, Enterprises, Crimson Topaz, Granny Smith) are wholesome, still good to eat and certainly great for pies, applesauce and more.

Hill Creek Farms still wants to give our community and their children the great experience of visiting our farm and picking apples on us. In return, we ask that you support our Farm Market and Bakery in any way possible and enjoy our enhanced activities for the children ($15.00 for a child, and $12.00 for families with 2 or more children) to enjoy our hayrides, Barrel Trains, Moon Bounce, Duck Race and our upgraded Playground (and yes, parents and Grandparents are free with one paid child ticket). This will be truly a family fun day and value for the family to enjoy our well maintain farm, the outdoors and some fun picking free apples. Our Playground is free Wednesday thru Friday, but for Saturday and Sunday will be part of the admission prices for all other activities of Barrel Trains, Hayrides, Moon Bounce, et…. mentioned above.

We hope you understand we cannot control mother nature, but hopefully providing you and your family the opportunity to pick apples at no charge is our way to say thank you for your past support and understanding for this year’s crop.

Sincerely, Fred A Sorbello Owner and Farmer of Hill Creek Farms.

We have exciting and new additions added to our Farm market and bakery this year with fresh farm produce, dairy products, dinners to go, wine, special cheeses....Wow ! and so much more, so come in and check us out!

The farm is open:

  • Wednesday to Sunday: 7:00am to 6:00pm

U-Pick Tree Leasing

Many orchards open their fields to visitors who pick their own fruit. Hill Creek Farms offers both the opportunity to pick your own, as well as lease our three tree varieties for a full year. The farm is open nearly every day to the public.

Sets of three trees (one of each variety, growing side-by-side) are available for $225. Six trees are available for $400. Exclusive picking rights extend through November 2015. Give us a call regarding discounts for schools and businesses.

A Good Deal

Leasing is not only an extra pleasure but is a real bargain. All the apples growing at the farm are premium varieties. They commonly sell for $2.49 a pound or more in supermarkets.

Our trees produce from 125 to 175 pounds of fruit. Leasing lets you buy locally and enjoy the outdoors - while saving money. Our harvest season extends over three and one half months, with each variety lasting about three and a half weeks.

Attention: Tree leasing will not be available during our 2016 season due to bad weather.