The Fralinger Story

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the fralinger story

Fralinger's Cider Mill, located in Hopewell Township New Jersey, was a family owned business in its third generation of operation. The family business started in 1910 and the original founders were relatives of Joseph Fralinger, founder of Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy.

Fralinger's cider operation was always a family operation; they provided product to the local community. The Company operated a cider press capable of producing 400 gallons per hour, which was used to produce a maximum of 3,200 gallons per day on a less than full shift.

Bottling and labeling were produced as needed and deliveries were made by the family. The Fralinger Cider Mill always created their cider "Locally Grown and Locally Produced."

Steve and Alice Fralinger were the last of the family interested in retaining the business and arranged to transfer assets to Hill Creek Farms in early 2011. Fred and Cheryl Sorbello have managed Hill Creek Farms as a local orchard and market, offering fresh produce. Hill Creek Farms currently has 17,000 apple trees with plans to expand to as many as 60,000 trees in the years to come.