How long has the farm been open to the public?

This fall is the sixth year Hill Creek Farms will be in operation.

Is membership required?

No, Hill Creek Farms is open to the public.

What is the cost of leasing three trees?

Sets of three trees (Jonagold, Cameo and Fuji, growing side-by-side) are available for $225.

Are pets allowed on the farm?

Due to insurance regulations, pets are not allowed on the farm.

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Signature Ciders

Hill Creek Farms and Fralinger's Cider is produced is in accordance with HACCP principles. Our pressing facility is FDA registered and approved. Hill Creek Farms was estabilished in 1956. Fralingers cider mill was established in 1910. Both products may be purchased at our market. We have gallons, half gallons and pints.

Fralinger's Cider

Fralingers Apple Cider Label

Fralinger cider Mill was purchased in January of 2011 from Steve and Alice Fralinger. Steve's grandfather taught him to make cider as a small boy and he carried on the family tradition for more than 60 years. At Hill Creek Farms, we continue to use locally grown apples for Fralingers Cider, as it has been for the past 100 years. As a result, the production season will be limited by the ripening of our locally grown apples.

Hill Creek Farms Cider

Hill Creek Farms Apple Cider Label

Hill Creek Farms Cider will have a longer production season than Fralinger's Cider as it will source apples from around the globe.

Fall 2013 Hours:

Join us to buy from the store. We also have a great pumpkin selection.

The farm is open six days a week:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am through 5:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am through 6:00pm

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Contact Us

Phone: 1-856-223-0028

Wholesalers call for availability.

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