Fresh Farm Market

Hill Creek will be undergoing renovations again mid-January 2018. This time will bring more diversity, more freshness, more product and new services to clients.

Stay tuned to our website for announcements, we promise, you'll love the improvements!

Hill Creek must sell products that will not make it to our April 1st re-opening so we are offering up special discounts:

40% Off – Di Bruno cheeses and meats (sopressatas) of all sorts, just in time for your holiday trays, gifts and more! We're also including bread sticks, spreads, flatbreads, jarred peppers, balsamic vinegars and cherries, cookies, specialty potato and corn chips as well as pastas and sauces.

Everything else will be reduced to 60% off the sticker price!

All of our sale items are sorted by our staff for quick pick-up and checkout. Stock up now for your family holiday events! Shop now through New Years.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hill Creek Farms!

Our farm market sells fresh produce, local wine, and an assortment of delicious apple treats. The market is open year-round, and the hours are 7am – 6pm.

Apple Cider Donuts – Our donuts are made fresh every day. Our key ingredient is apple cider, which is added to the batter to add moisture and flavor. 

Fresh Made Cider – Our apple cider is made fresh weekly at our FDA-approved cider mill located just 1 mile from Hill Creek Farms. Our cider is pasteurized to ensure better shelf-life and comply with FDA safe beverage standards.

Local Wine – Our farm sells a selection of wines from Auburn Winery. Guests can purchase a bottle of wine to bring home or they can enjoy wine served by the bottle at The Grill at Hill Creek or at our farm-to-table dinner events.