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Hill Creek Farms is a 20-acre, 17,000-tree apple orchard. The orchard includes three varieties of apples (Cameo, Jonagold and Fuji), growing in sets of three, side by side. These trees produce wonderful fruit that can be harvested from September to late November. We also offer nine other varieties of apples for U-Pick.

More Than Pick Your Own

Many orchards open their fields to visitors who pick their own fruit, however Hill Creek Farms offers the opportunity to also lease our three tree varieties ( as shown above) for a full year. 
The farm is open five days a week to the public.

The Trees

Hill Creek Farms' trees are grown on dwarfing rootstock. They produce full-size, wonderful fruit on trees that are about half standard height. Grown since the 1950s, dwarfing rootstock apple trees can be cared for and picked without ladders

The Apples

The three varieties growing in our orchard were carefully chosen for their distinctive taste and the timing of harvest:

  • Our Jonagold De Coster trees are picked in early to mid-September.
  • Our Cameos bear fruit late September to mid-October.
  • The Fuji tree is picked late October through November.

Whether you have leased three trees for season-long picking or stop by for a bushel to take home, the harvest is a long one.

Tree Leasing

Sets of three trees (Jonagold, Cameo and Fuji, growing side-by-side) are available for $225. Six trees are available for $400. Enjoyment and exclusive picking rights extend through November 2015.